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Conditions of Use of the Site

Please, read the following conditions in order to use this internet site (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"). In case if you do not accept these conditions please cease using the "Site". Owner of the "Site" reserves the right to change any information, forms, contents currently present on the "Site" or that will be placed in future, the "Site" and conditions of using the "Site" any time.

Owner of this "Site" is Semerkand Yapı A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as "Semerkand Yapı") residing at Süleyman Demirel Cad. Kemal Sunal Sok. No:1 Esenkent /Esenyurt/ ISTANBUL.

Semerkand Yapı is using the "site" to announce special offers arranged from time to time, and inform visitors about issues, various services and works it deems attractive for them.


Provisions of the following Privacy Policy shall apply to privacy and protection of Members-Users ("Users" or "User") and other relevant issues.

1) Semerkand Yapı shall not disclose information directly shared with it by Users to any third persons.

2) Confidential Information electronically shared by Users on the Site through carrying out operations and/or filling out forms comprises any particulars aimed at identification of a User such as surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address apart from purposes and scope stated in Privacy Policy, and shall be briefly referred to as Confidential Information. Confidential information includes name and surname, address, telephone number, and other particulars of a person.

3) All confidential information entered by Client into the system may be altered. Therefore, Users are obliged to protect User Password to be determined by them. Details cannot be accessed and altered unless Users share their User Password with third persons.

4) Semerkand Yapı shall not provide confidential information to any company or third person except circumstance stated in this Privacy Policy and User Agreement, nor use it for any reason or commercial purpose except the site’s purpose.

5) Meanwhile Semerkand Yapı may use confidential information within its corporation in order to determine client profile and carry out statistical studies. Except confidential information it analyses visitor and User dynamics and preferences during use of the Site, and develops the Site according to needs of visitors. Confidential information can be shared with Semerkand Yapı’s business partners in order to establish more effective and special contact with Site Users. In case of using the "cookie" technology to determine ways or forms of visiting pages statistical information about intensity of viewing and clicking various parts of the Site will be collected and analyzed, and this is not a person-specific application. Aim of using this technology is to determine mostly visited pages and provide easier access to their contents.

6) Semerkand Yapı undertakes to provide strict privacy and confidentiality of confidential information, and accept it as an obligation of keeping a secret, take any necessary measures and act diligently to ensure and maintain privacy, prevent access or unauthorized use by any third person. In case if third persons access information as a result of attack to the site and system in spite of taking all measures Semerkand Yapı shall not undertake any liability therewith.

7) Generally, confidential information that belongs to Users may be only disclosed to official authorities in case if such disclosure is mandatory according to demand of relevant official authorities or provisions of current legislation.

8) In case if the Site provides links to other internet-web sites privacy safety policies and conditions of use of those sites shall be valid for all usage and operations. Semerkand Yapı shall not accept any liability for possible disputes and material losses that may arise as a result of viewing advertisement, banner, and content at the Site, use of information in other accessed sites, ethical principles of sites, privacy safety principles, service quality, and other applications.

9) Semerkand Yapı possesses all intellectual property rights and ownership in relation to any information, content on the Site, their arrangement and partial/full usage.

10) In case of privacy, protection, and other conditions related to information provided by Users ("Users" or "User") to site ("Site") through means of contact stated in the Site in order to receive additional information and support shall be subject to the following Privacy Policy.

11) Semerkand Yapı reserves the right to alter or repeal this Privacy Policy.

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Every visitor visiting the site of Semerkand Yapı is deemed read and accepted these all of these conditions.